15. Activities Related to Real Estate

Well, this is something that didn’t come as a big surprise – what could bring you more money than selling real estate? Even better, if your heritage is big and you own houses and flats in every part of your state, what could possibly go wrong? However, if you want to start doing it for living, you should be born with it – selling is art.

14. Outpatient Care Centers

If you think about this for a while, you’ll see how outpatient care centers totally make sense to be one of the most profitable businesses of today – having in mind how expensive health care is and how cheaper you can get the same service from these centers. Their popularity and quality is only getting better with time, so if you’re into medicine, think about this.

13. Management, Scientific and Technical Consulting Services

Who would’ve said that giving advice would be one of the most profitable activities of the 21st century? Maybe the Sophists from the Old Greece would be proud of us, but if you think about it for a second, this is exactly what it’s turned into – experts from fields of science, management, and technology are living out of giving advice to companies.

12. Warehouse and Storage

Having a warehouse and storage today could mean a lot to you – we guess your profit only depends on who you will rent it to. However, many manufacturing companies, especially ones that are spread worldwide, have a need for stocking their products somewhere. It’s maybe the simplest business from our list that could bring you a lot of money.

11. Support Activities for Mining

We know how everything that has to do with mining would bring you profit today, especially if we’re talking about non-renewable minerals. However, if you are not able to own a mine (and you’re probably not), you can work at all the supporting activities that come with it – like help with scientific researches or technical stuff that everyone needs.

10. Offices of Other Health Practitioners

We’re all familiar with doctors, sergeants, and nurses, but we often forget about people that do something else in the field of medicine – like respiratory therapists for example. It turned out that today many people have to visit some specifically trained doctors to help them with their problems, so maybe this is the right choice for everyone – both patients and doctors.

9. Lessors of Real Estate

We’ve talked about real estate before, but here we’re dealing with lessors – people who actually control the whole process of selling real estate – like making privileges for the buyers or, well, not making them. However, this is really something that requires skill, a brief mind and charm with all that – so think well before entering this business.

8. Management of Companies and Enterprises

Ever since management started to exist – which wasn’t a long time ago – people knew there was something about it. And if you think about it for a second, don’t you think there are too many managers today? However, the fact is that the organization is one of the most important parts of any production company, so we guess it’s not all in vain.

7. Offices of Physicians

Well, we’ve come to the ultimate health profession – and yes, that’s being a doctor. There’s nothing that could beat your skill of being a physician and having a private office. People might have better conditions and pay less money than they would pay in a hospital, but for you, that means to have enough money to live your life the way you want to.

6. Offices of Dentists

Another field that’s involved in health – we guess that’s what our future is about. But dentists’ services is surely one thing that will never become extinct – every person needs to have his teeth fixed, especially in the modern era of plastic surgeries and doing everything to look beautiful. Here we have health + beauty, what’s more, to ask for?

5. Offices of Real Estate Agents and Brokers

Now we’re talking about a true real estate business – persons who negotiate and make contracts with people in the name of the landowners. It’s a difficult and risky job, but also it brings big fortune for those who are doing it right. And just like the situation we’ve had with health – being a real estate broker is the ultimate professional in this field.

4. Legal Services

Ever since the law started to exist, only the smartest and tough ones were defending people who survived injustice. It’s the same thing today – in the world of law, there will always be something to do about it and someone’s rights to be defended. That’s why legal services today can provide you a lot of money, but also ask a lot of effort to put into.

3. Commercial and Industrial Machinery and Equipment Rental and Leasing

This is an industry sector that’s into renting equipment to big companies without an operator – which means they provide all the machines necessary for the production process. Again, we have to say that the amount of earned money depends on the companies you give your stuff to, so it also requires wisely choosing your cooperators.

2. Oil and Gas Extraction

Do you notice how every time someone mentions oil and gas, all the people think of war and problems instead of the real oil industry? Well, at least that’s how it is for us, and we’re not happy about it. If it hadn’t caused that many problems, it would surely be even more exploited than today and everyone would like to become part of this industry.

1. Accounting, Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping and Payroll Services

Well, we’ve come to the top of our list, and we’re not surprised at all – the most profitable thing you could do is to be in contact with money all the time, no matter whether you count it for someone or for yourself. I guess the economy has beaten all the other professions and there’s nothing that could make you richer than starting to study it immediately.