19. Cornell University, USA

This university, located at the New York state, comes first in our list with great cost, but also great conditions – being a part of Ivy League, USA’s most prestigious college league, the knowledge you’ll get here is irreplaceable. It was one of the first colleges not to mind race or religion when it comes to student admission.

18. EPFL, Switzerland

Besides being one of the best colleges in the world, it’s also one of the most expensive ones. It’s located in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, but it doesn’t exclude anyone, not even foreign students. It’s been into research for many years and it collaborates with the best Swiss research industries and companies, which means it would surely give you a bright future.

17. University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

This university is also one of the oldest ones – it’s the sixth oldest university in the English-speaking world, and it has remained to be one of the best ones even today. It played one of the main roles at the age of enlightenment of Scotland and now it’s one of the most important parts of Scotland’s reputations – it’ really one of the top choices everyone should have.

16. Johns Hopkins University, USA

An interesting fact about this university is that its first benefactor, Johns Hopkins, whom it was named after, gave the biggest charity donation that was ever made in the USA – and it was the donation to the Johns Hopkins Hospital.

With a noble past like this, you could probably assume for how many good reasons everyone comes there to become a student.

15. King’s College London, UK

King’s College London was founded back in the 19th century by, you’re guessing, King George IV himself. It was highly respected back in the time the king was still alive, but even nowadays it’s one of the most prestigious universities the world has. It’s famous for its multidisciplinary profile and for its many notable alumni.

14. Columbia University, USA

This college was founded by George II of Great Britain, while America was still not independent. When it happened, it became state property and one of the most wanted colleges for all undergraduate coming students – not only for its quality but also for its perfect location, which is Upper Manhattan in New York City.

13. University of Pennsylvania, USA

Besides having a great reputation because it’s a) the oldest university in the USA and b) founded by Benjamin Franklin; this university has so much to offer – beautiful dorms, perfectly organized campus, and an excellent studying program. It’s also one of the most appreciated universities in the world when it comes to research projects.

12. ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Here’s another college from Switzerland, but this time, it’s a part of the German-speaking region in Switzerland. Wait until you hear this – its students and professors have received 21 Nobel Prizes in total! We think that this fact is everything you need to know about this university and make it instantly your first choice when it comes to picking your educational institution.

11. University of Chicago, USA

The University of Chicago is credited to be the part of the first hand-made nuclear reaction ever made. So, if you keep that fact on your mind it probably makes it clear for you why it’s one of the best and the most expensive colleges in the whole world. The motto of this college is “Let knowledge grow from more to more, and so be human life enriched.”

10. Yale University, USA

Did you know that Yale University offers more than 2000 undergraduate courses every year? Its students were several presidents of the USA and also 13 living billionaires. It’s also famous for his many roles in fiction and popular culture, no matter whether it comes to books or movies. Is there anything else this college could possibly have to make it even better?

9. Princeton University, USA

Having in mind how this university is located in Princeton, the hometown of Albert Einstein, it probably tells you how this college obviously has everything that educational institutions could offer. It’s also considered to be one of the most beautiful colleges the USA have, there’s really nothing you could complain about when it comes to Princeton University.

8. California Institute of Technology, USA

There’s one thing about this college that will make you envy everyone who’s finished it – it’s famous for having their alumni working in NASA after getting the degree. Not only that, NASA and Caltech are collaborating while students are still on their undergraduate programs, which means they provide them help in the technological field.

7. Stanford University, USA

This university’s history is rich and heartbreaking – it was named after its founder’s son who passed away at the age of 15. The tuition was free at the beginning of the 20th century until most of the colleges started to become private. Now, it’s one of the most prestigious universities in the whole world and everyone would want to be its student.

6. University College London, UK

This university is the first one ever in England to be completely secular – which means it was the first one to accept all the students that were good enough to enter it, no matter their skin color or religion. Although it felt some consequences for this (at the time) radical decision, it managed to overcome them and keep the famous name it always had.

5. University of Oxford, UK

The University of Oxford started to work back in 1096! Can you imagine how long ago that was? Well, of course, it wasn’t working the same way it’s working today, but not only has it told us about its great history but also about the whole English culture. So it’ really no wonder that many of the universities from our list are located in England.

4. Harvard University, USA

Harvard is so much more than a university – everyone knows about it, no matter whether they are kids and know it because of the “Legally Blonde” movie or they’ve heard about it somewhere else. It stands for the representation of high education in the whole world. So we think that this time the words are unnecessary to explain how meaningful it is.

3. Imperial College London, UK

We’re back in England and we’re talking about the third most expensive college in the world. You can study science, medicine, engineering, and business – which basically means it’s meant only for the most successful and ambitious ones. Many members of the Royal Family have a degree from this college and that’s what it’s also famous for.

2. Cambridge University, UK

We’ve come to the most expensive and the most prestigious university in the whole England – and not only for being one of the best educational institutions in the whole world, but it’s also known for its unreal beauty. It feels like you’re in the middle ages while you’re walking through its halls, but you’re also learning about the best contemporary theories.

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

At the top of our list, we meet MIT, and you’ve probably all guessed that exactly this university is the most expensive one and also one of the best ones in the whole world. Is there anyone you’ve heard of that got a degree here and ended up being unsuccessful? Well, we didn’t and we’re sure it will always stay that way.