Sean Penn

Sean Penn’s locks from the beginning of his career inspired many men to try to grow such things themselves. However, youth is a tricky thing, and Penn has begun losing his hair rapidly as he was getting older. But, no worries, as a true Hollywood star he is – Penn did hair transplant.

John Travolta

John Travolta`s life has a veil of secrecy all around it – from the male masseur sex scandal to the secret life of Scientology. Some things are, however, painfully obvious – for example, the fact that he was losing his hair rapidly until his baldness miraculously turned into hairiness.

Mel Gibson

It’s hard to keep up with the Braveheart or Mad Max hair, especially as all the aging strikes. Mel Gibson was obviously facing the severe hair loss at some point until the William Wallace hair re-appeared, and all the see-through hair was replaced with a freshly `grown` new one.


U2 frontman and philanthropist Bono used to have a see-through hairstyle, on the very verge of `cut those few hairs left and admit your baldness`. However, as any celebrity would have done- Bono had an amazing hair transplant, and voila – Thick hair all over, again!

Sir Elton John

It was as far away in the past as the human memory reaches, back in the 1970s, famous singer and piano player Elton John was fairly bold. However, he was one of the first celebrities who underwent hair transplantation. And, it works well, we must admit – nobody talks about his hair, but about the gap between his teeth.

Billy Bob Thornton

Baldness in obviously fixable, but the bad taste in grooming is not. Ages ago, Billy Bob Thornton had that weird piece of hair beneath his lip and not too crowded hair on top of his head. Nowadays, he has perfect hair as if it was never see-through, but he still does have that terrible facial hair.

Gordon Ramsay

Not only did he have hair transplantation surgery, but he had a very good one as well, and his hair looks excellent. However, Chef Ramsay wasn`t too fond of letting people know he had the transplantation surgery, and once the info leaked, he even sued the PR who let that happen.

Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone used to have a full and impressive hairline back in the Rambo days. However, it changed over the course of years, and it became less and less impressive. Sly then did what many others did – he got some fresh, new hair transplanted, and regained his famous hairline.

Robbie Williams

When you have a reputation of a sex symbol to preserve, losing hair isn’t actually helping. UK pop-rock megastar Robbie Williams realized it in proper time, just as his hairline started hesitating, and fixed the problem before it was too obvious. Well done Robbie!

Matthew McConaughey

Not even at the time, he was much younger was his hair his brightest feature. Mickey-mouse hairline became somewhat of Matthew McConaughey`s trademark in the late 1990s. Either hair evolves in the opposite direction than other people’s, or he had a hair transplantation job. Well done one, we may add.