Trail Mix

This mix is very high in protein value and the best ones are almonds and pistachios and they are all very delicious.

On the plus side, they could be stored for a long time. You can also eat them with dried fruit and that way, add the sugar you need.


This is a very easy way to get some proteins in, and all you have to do is hard boil an egg. Maybe the best way to have it all the time available and ready is to hard boil all the eggs in the package and peel them and then eat one whenever you want it.


Deli meat – (turkey, roast beef, or chicken) is also a great source of protein.

You can eat them (2 tops) with a slice of cheese and maybe add some vegetables for more flavors and vitamins. Some spices are welcome, too!

Banana shake

Banana is really good for energy and makes it a source of protein if you mix it in a blender with peanut butter (1 spoon) and a cup of ice and chocolate milk. This is also very refreshing and so tasty! Enjoy!


Famous for frying, tofu is also great when baked or smoked. If you make a dip that goes with it, it is a very tasteful source of protein. The good dip would be tomato or teriyaki and the tofu needs to be sliced into sticks.


Lebanese cuisine owes a lot to hummus, this tasteful mush that makes great food! Super snack on the go would be putting it in a cup or a container and fill out the bottom part with hummus, and then add some vegetables that would be standing up and you’re done! You can eat it in the car, while at work, just anywhere.


Made with oats and cottage cheese and then topped with some fruit, these pancakes are very delicious. Healthy, contain vitamins and protein, but maybe take a little more time to make, but it is well worth your time. Plus, you can store some for later!

Chocolate milk and cheese

No, these don’t go together, but they are both super fast! A simple cup of chocolate milk, or a quick platter of slices of cheese, or cheese strings with some crackers are a great way to restore your energy after a workout or just very long hours at the office.


If you like Mexican food, black beans with a little salsa makes up for a good snack. After you heat these in the microwave, roll them up in a tortilla, and voilà! Take it anywhere with you and enjoy the spiciness and fullness of flour of the tortilla!

Choco Oats

Oats, milk, chocolate, a little walnuts and protein powder mixed in a bowl are a great combination for a snack! Instead of pure oats, if you have them, you can add oats cookies and some fruit, and that can stay packaged for a few days.


You can eat it with yogurt, milk, or just plain and all you have to do is mix nuts, dried fruits, and seeds. You can use whatever kind you want. This restores quickly and gives you just the amount of protein you need to get through the day.

Black bean hummus

Again we meet with hummus, but not the traditional one, this one is with black beans, almond butter, and cottage cheese. Before you mix all of these, throw in some orange zest, parsley, and coriander and you’ll get a very interesting taste and a snack that you can store for a few days.

Yogurt with peanut butter

We have mentioned peanut butter before, but now we are mixing it with yogurt, some grapes, and your favorite jelly! These are pretty much the ingredients that you have in the fridge at all times and it doesn’t require much time to prepare.


Simple oatmeal is a good source of protein as well. A bowl and hot water and a package of oatmeal and you’ve got the food-on-the-go that is also low in calories. You can also chop up some dried fruits, nuts, or banana and that will really add up nicely on the aroma.


Rice has a decent amount of protein and it is very easy to prepare. Quinoa falls into the same category and is maybe better, but it is more expensive, so the rice would do just fine. A bowl of that will lift you up and get you ready for a hard day.